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About being a foraging teacher

Among the most fundamentally satisfying moments in a person’s life is finding oneself in a job that is the culmination of all previous decades of passions, jobs, trainings, loves, studies, interests, talents, and life experiences.

Becoming a foraging instructor was for me one of these times, when everything just fell into the right place.

A degree in art education and a decade of training and experience as a public school teacher, an upbringing in the old foraging tradition of the black forest, the influences of a creative, cooking teacher mother and a natural scientist father, the wonder of a childhood spent outdoors, picking and gorging myself on greens and fungi and nuts and berries and fruit (occasionally from the neighbours’ trees), a life of collecting wild foods and using them to feed family and friends, an obsessive interest in mushrooms and in all of nature’s small miracles, and another decade of building a successful baking business, all shape my foraging courses and wild food events.

I've missed foraging and teaching and cooking for a crowd and the thrill of sharing my favourite things with an engaged group of wonderful people during these long weeks of lock down. I am so happy, that starting Friday courses for up to 15 people will be possible again! I will schedule spring courses this week. The first tickets will be available through Eventbrite in the coming days.

See you soon and happy foraging!


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