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Roasted Wild Pod Hummus


2 TBSP tahini

Juice of one lemon

1 rounded teaspoon sea salt

50g Allium ursinum leaves

400g tin of chickpeas

40ml oil

60ml water  (or better yet: the aqua faba from the tin of chick peas)

20g green Allium ursinum seed pods

20ml oil

IMG_9234 (1).jpeg

Blitz together tahini, lemon juice and salt with a submersion blender or in a food processor.  Chop and add wild garlic leaves and chickpeas, blend until smooth.  Add chickpea water until the desired consistency is reached and then slowly drizzle in 40ml of oil while the blender is running.  Finally, sautee the green, tender seed pods in 20ml oil until they become fragrant but not brown.  Pour everything, pods and oil, over the hummus and serve with crudites or bread.

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